Tailor Made Fish Farms has received National and International recognition for their aquaponics innovation. We have designed a World class re-circulation system and have built a commercial 50 tonne per year production model at our site in Port Stephens, the system has been developed through years of commercial production and utilises our own equipment design which has been proven to be highly cost effective and productive through full commercial production. We can supply complete production systems that are supported by on-site training at our farm and backed up with after sales support.

We offer system sales and aquaculture equipment to novice as well as advanced commercial producers. Equipment includes screen filters, bio-filters, tanks, bio-media, ultraviolet sterlisation units, pumps & aeration systems we also provide the right advice for monitoring protection back-up systems. We also offer advice and consultancy on setting up and maintaining the equipment.


Screen Filters

Our solids removal filter are robust and dont require energy or have any moving parts that can ware and fail in time, large solids removal is an essential first in any aquaculture system. By removing the majority of large particles in an initial cleaning step greatly reduces the load on biological and fine solids filters allowing the system to work more effectively. The screen filters are available in 2 sizes and are fitted with 316 stainless steel wedge wire of 600 µm, with options for screen widths are either 800mm wide or 1200mm wide and require a 840mm minimum height all components are 316 stainless steel. Screen filters can also be built to specifications on request.

Biological Filters

Our biofilters are easy-care and low maintenance. Based on our experience we are able to provide pressurised and gravity flow biofilters designed to suit your system and optimise your stock carrying capacity and maxiimise fish growth.

Fine Solids

Our Fine Solids filters are purpose built to avoid clogging, they are easily back-washed filter down to 20 micron.

Aquaculture Tanks

Our custom designed tanks are specifically tailored to the requirements of aquaculture. They are designed to rapidly remove waste and minimise the retention time of particulates in the water. Our tanks have been thoroughly proven, and are the result of extensive trials to achieve the optimum space saving design. Tanks are available in 1700, 3000 and 10,000 Litres capacities. The largest of our tanks the 10,000 litre has been designed to slip inside a shipping container making transport easy.

Pumps Selection 

It is important not to over engineer a production system pumps need to be selected for a specific purpose and need to be efficient to save energy which in turn will deliver a lower cost of production. 


We provide solutions for efficient aeration of water and can provide a design and all the equipment that you will require.

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