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Tailor Made Fish Farms is the premier Barramundi farm in NSW, producing a total of 1000 kilos of live and freshly chilled Barramundi per week. Tailor Made Fish Farms has provided premium quality Barramundi to large catering events and supplied fresh Barramundi fillets to officials at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.

Tailor Made Fish Farms can provide fish "tailored" to your size requirements.

Aquarium Fish Sales

We only sell Aquarium Fish ex farm pick-up only, Tailor Made Fish Farms can supply Barramundi of any size to aquarium owners looking to add Barramundi to their personal collection, or to pet shops for resale.


Tailor Made Fish Farms produce Barramundi ready for market. We supply you with fish, so that you can customise your order for your specific requirements.


Tailor Made Fish Farms produce a high quality product that will compliment any menu, meeting the specifications of the market. We produce the finest quality Barramundi due to our 7 day intensive market finishing cycle we do to cleanse the fish, giving the fish the perfect flavour and colour. We provide samples of live and chilled product for taste testing if required.

Tailor Made Fish Farms are the experts where supplying live Barramundi is concerned. We supply Sydney's finest banquet restaurants with quality, live produce. Fresh fish are also chilled and delivered to Sydney and Port Stephens restaurants.


Barramundi are often called Sea Bass throughout Europe and Asia

Tropical Barramundi fry (at 25mm) are purchased from hatcheries outside New South Wales - either in South Australia, Victoria or Queensland. Once they are Quarantined and feeding, the production process starts.

After approximately four weeks of very rapid growth, the fry can be moved to the Nursery Tank system. With such rapid growth, individual fish can easily outpace their tank-mates in size, so they must be graded almost weekly to overcome this uneven growth rate. Larger fingerlings will damage (or eat) smaller fish resulting in stock losses that can quickly add up when you are managing 10’s of 1000’s of fish.

Grading is done with little stress, using baskets with spaced bars in the bottom. Smaller fish slip through into a tank of equal-sized fish, and the over-sized ones move up a grade. We have three Nurseries, each holding fish as they grow to a size of 75g over 16 weeks. At this time they are ready for the Grow-out modules.

Our daily routine of water testing, grading, feeding (x2) and tank maintenance means that staff are attending to the well-being of the fish seven days a week.

The Grow-out modules which consist of three 10,000 litre tanks it in these tanks they will stay until they are harvested in around 16 weeks time.

Barramundi are a fish that responds well to heavy stocking in the tanks, and grow quickly. The Food Conversion Ratio in our system is excellent requiring 1.2kg food to produce 1kg fish (1.2:1).

Ideally, at harvest, each 10,000 litre tank produces in excess of 750kg of fish, ranging from 600g to 800g each.

Our name, Tailor Made Fish Farms, was chosen to reflect the way our system operates. We can produce ‘tailor-made’ fish of any size, grown  to suit a b

How do we harvest our fish

Harvesting is easy. The tank is lowered, the fish anaesthetized, netted and weighed. They are immediately released into fresh oxygenated water held in transport tanks on the truck used by our distributor. They are up and swimming within 10-15 minutes.

The fish are freighted to Sydney where they are placed in holding tanks at the Distributor’s depot. From there, they are sold live to restaurants around Sydney.

With increasing production, value-adding will be part of the operation.

anquet or a plate. It’s all a matter of timing and good management.


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