Planning Calculator

    Fish Weight in Grams
How Many Kilograms of Fish would you Like to Produce Per Week? g
Yearly Production 52,000 Kilos
Land Area Required for Fish Production in Square Metres 1,500 Square metres
Land Required if Water is to be utilised for crop Production 12,000 Square metres
Water Required Per Year 17,000,000 Litres per year
kwh Of Power Required Per Year 420,000 KWH of power per year
Fingerlings Required Per Year 86,666.67 Allowing for a 25% loss
Number of Workers Required 4 1 Manager + Basic workers
Estimated Rough Cost of Equipment + Training, support & License Fees $645,000.00 AUD

Note: The above costs do not include the building to house the facility, electrical, plumbing, concrete floors, installation of equipment, freight or back-up systems.

To discuss the above in more detail and specific to your individual needs please contact us.

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