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Management Skills & Personnel

The management team at TMFF is designed around key performance roles in developing premium quality aquaculture systems and increasing the potential of the company. Over a 19 year development path the company has grown from an idea to a successful position within the aquaculture industry. Focus over the past couple of years has been to attract strategic investors into the company so that the technology that has been developed can be replicated across the globe. With this in mind the company has added the talents and experience of a marine biologist, a veterinary surgeon, a financial controller and 2 accountants (see CV’s attached) The company is developing a clear reputation and is recognised as a leader in its field, producing premium quality fish through unique and revolutionary production systems.

Managing Director – Nick Arena

The Managing Director, Nick Arena has built the company through extensive industry innovation and research and development, allowing TMFF to surmount obstacles that have caused the failure of aquaculture ventures the world over. The company has continued to sustain outstanding results, creating systems that produce consistent, premium fish in size and quality yet requiring marginal water resources.
The company now has a significant history of stable production output and has actually continued to increase the production capacity of its systems to date. Through this experience Nick has become a leader in the sustainable commercial production of finfish in Australia. During the past 19 years he has been instrumental in the expansion and ongoing business development of the company. Nick’s experience includes:

  • 22 years experience within building construction industry a licensed Builder and licensed Electrician.
  • Skills with design & planning, quoting & implementation.
  • 19 years in Aquaculture systems design, installation, maintenance & operations.
  • Organisational and communication skills.

As the leading member of the management team, Nick’s major focus has been to create new and further develop existing technologies. The main aim of this position is the continual improvement in sustainable, efficient and viable practices relating to land based Aquaculture.

Nick has proven experience in design, development, management and operation of aquaculture nurseries and grow-out systems. His expertise in aquaculture development and management is built upon his previous experience as a Project Manager in the construction industry, giving him a pragmatic and functional approach to developing operational and economically viable systems.

In addition to his operational roles, he has experience in business planning for aquaculture. He is also skilled in establishing partnerships between joint venture partners. TMFF has grown organically and through investment and now has seventeen shareholders that have invested in Nick’s commitment, vision and commercialisation ability. It is a credit to Nick in his ability to manage a diverse range of stakeholders in a definite and compelling vision of ongoing company development and success.

His role in TMFF also encompasses strategic management, personnel management and market development. He has direct marketing experience in live and chilled fish products, and has established niche markets for the TMFF’s premium Barramundi to some of Sydney’s finest restaurants.

The company demonstrates competent business skills in the key areas of business management, marketing, human resource management and financial management. The management team shares these key roles in their focus within the business. Nick Arena (Managing Director) oversees production management and technology development. He also manages financial performance and personnel, working with staff in the areas of service, support, training, and development. The management team uses their collective skills and expertise in maintaining an innovative company culture focused on growth.

The management team is made up of the following key positions:

  • Nick Arena – Managing Director
  • Ian Gardiner – National Sales Director
  • Daryl & Julie Thomas - Accountants/Financial Controllers
  • Peter Schupp PhD Marine Science – Technical Director
  • Jeff Titmarsh BVSc Veterinary Science – Technical Director Biosecurity
  • Chris Davine – Technical Director Project Management

TMFF’s management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Company staff are motivated through an environment that encourages innovation, learning and achievement. The current team includes eight employees under the guidance and supervision of the Managing Director.

Peter Schupp

Peter is a shareholder in Tailor Made Fish Farms. He has a PhD in Marine Biology, and a Masters in Tropical Marine Biology. Peter has fifteen years experience in marine and fisheries biology and aquaculture in America, Europe and the tropical Pacific (Guam).

Ian Gardiner

Ian is the National Sales Director for TMFF. Ian has more than twenty years experience in marketing and sales, in particular establishing new markets and providing efficiencies in product sales. He has extensive experience in developing marketing plans through working with companies such as Panasonic, Rinnai Australia and Glem Gas.

Ian has been instrumental in developing commercial business opportunities and determining their revenue and profitability potential. He is a dedicated professional who specialises in leading, coaching and motivating staff to achieving their individual goals and company objectives.He has a proven solid sales and marketing background combines with a strong track record in leadership, negotiating and relationship building.

Dr Jeff Titmarsh

Jeff is a shareholder and assists in technical support and disease control with Tailor Made Fish Farms due to his background of 34 years in Veterinary practice. Jeff has extensive experience with disease in all species, and a familiarity with disease control in a variety of species and situations including intensive farm situations. He has involved the Department of Fisheries Veterinarians and Fisheries Pathologists into the support structure for the fish farm where they have attended the farm on familiarisation and routine visits and as support in monitoring any signs of disease outbreaks so that the nature of the problem is understood.

His role also encompasses the supply and supervision of antibiotic usage, and other authorised medications, arranging for the trialling of new and alternative treatments, Regulatory Compliance, and the offering of advice in the design and layout of new systems.

Chris Davine

Chris is a shareholder of TMFF and also involved in assisting with the project management and oversight of the commercialisation project. He has extensive experience in managing large projects involving integrated planning methods and multi-story developments.

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