What we do at TMFF

Tailor Made Fish Farms Pty Ltd is a commercial aquaculture business located in Port Stephens NSW. TMFF is recognized in Australia and overseas as an expert in land based intensive aquaculture farming.  The company has invested several million dollars pioneering land-based aquaculture technology and applied this to Australia's first successfully Integrated aquaculture + hydroponics System.

The hydroponic production system re-uses nutrient rich wastewater from the fish production facility to grow vegetables and herbs.

The system provides a commercially viable food production system that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible.

Our Products

Tailor Made Fish Farms products include fresh and smoked Barramundi, Leafy Vegetables and fish production systems. We also have an on-site Restaurant that caters for tourists looking for lunch or a tour activity when visiting Port Stephens www.cookabarra.com.au Find out more about Our Products.

Our System

TMFF is a land-based ‘closed re-circulating system’ is an environmentally responsible fish production system that allows control of environmental influences and consists of multiple separate modular tanks. This method is in contrast to land-based pond farming and ocean or lake  cages, which are referred to as ‘open systems’. Find out more about Our Systems.

Our Technology

Our technology is recognised worldwide. TMFF completed a 50- tonne system in Melbourne, 100-tonne per annum production facility in Poland in 2008 supplied a small system to New Zealand, have built a seawater facility for an Australian University and suplied our equipment to several Universities and training faciclities in Australia . We are constantly receiving overseas enquiry from countries looking to secure future food security that is free of chemicals and drugs as a result of the problems being created by diminishing wild fish stocks caused by environmental changes, pollution and over fishing of our oceans. Find out more about Our Technology.

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